Garrett Hunter, Founder

I scale tech organizations to meet their growing customer demands.

I do that by creating high performing teams and leading high impact initiatives. I’ve worked with hundreds of people and dozens of teams at Toyota, Sony, Mattel, Accenture, and more. I’ve migrated corporate data centers, delivered automobile manufacturing deals, and created program management offices for billion dollar companies.

There is no project too large or problem too complex for me.

How am I so successful? It’s in my DNA.

I have an uncanny knack to quickly see solutions and create order out of chaos. I am intensely curious and from a young age have been fascinated with how things work. My curiosity lead me to be a software engineer developing apps for a video game publisher. As I outgrew building small apps I moved on to build large corporate systems supporting millions of users.

I’ve been in the tech business for over two decades and have learned it’s all about organizational behaviors. Behaviors make or break any business. Because of that I make it my priority to empower teams to be self driven, independent, and have a strong sense of contribution to the greater company mission. I help people change their mindset and take 100% responsibility for all aspects of their work. 100% responsibility means understanding every dependency even if I don’t own it, offering to assist a teammate whenever possible, giving expertise freely to partner teams, and seeing life as a series of learning experiences.

Think of me as your organizational wizard who traverses all levels of your organization, understands both the business and technology impacts, tailors messaging for the boardroom and the front lines, and makes sure the most important work gets done on time and on budget.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from California State University, Northridge and a Master of Arts degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. I am available for consulting, speaking, and coaching engagements.