Business models, inventory and employees are now being streamlined aggressively in today’s fast-paced digital economy. This has effectively redefined entrepreneurship in recent times, with entrepreneurs themselves performing a larger percentage of the workload compared to how the entrepreneurs of old simply steered the business.

As a business owner, however, it is important to analyze and delegate work more effectively. This will allow your company to thrive, survive and expand beyond what it is right now. This is why you need to modify your marketing plan to make room for the following tips and hints:

1. Pick and invest in the best people.
Choosing real and consistent performers is paramount to an effective delegation, as highly creative and self-motivated individuals perform well without you constantly looking over their shoulders.

2. Delegate in a way that employees willingly accept assignments.
Do not bark out orders like a slave-driver. Take the time to tell that person why you have chosen to delegate the task to him along with why you think his skill and talent is well suited for the particular task, and that person will more easily accept the tasks.

3. Always have consistent standards.
Make sure that you explain to your employees exactly what you expect from them. Learn to articulate and list down the tasks you need doing instead of just giving a vague idea of what you want done.

4. Give employees ample freedom to complete the task.
Avoid constantly checking on how things are doing, as this reflects a lack of trust. This not only impedes productivity but also erodes moral as well. Clearly define what you expect from your employees, and then check up on what they have accomplished only when they are done with it.

5. Follow-up.
Of course, giving your employees freedom does not mean you should never check in on their progress. Schedule an occasional follow-up with the employee, as this will open avenues for them to raise concerns or ask questions about the tasks at hand.

6. Give credit where it is due.
A good employer and leader should know how to reward accomplished employees with both money and recognition. Treat your team as true partners by respecting their ideas, listening to their feedback, helping them overcome challenges and praising them for a job well done.

Delegation is an art form on its own, which will require constant practice. Practiced leaders know this, which is why recognizing and maximizing your employees’ potential will make it a lot easier for your business to profit and grow at the same time.